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Every year, bone and joint-health issues account for millions of visits to doctors' offices and hospital outpatient or emergency departments. They are the cause of millions of hospitalisations and medical procedures.

The incidence of joint-related problems is only likely to increase as we experience population ageing. Between 1990 and 2020, the number of people aged over 50 is expected to double in many countries, which will result in an even greater need for joint care.

Poor joint health affects people's physical capacity to engage in the activities they enjoy, particularly as they age. However, it also has a significant effect on the psychosocial status of the people affected with the condition as well as impacting on their families and careers.

Think About it !!: If your bones are strong and your joints are flexible, they move smoothly and that means you can enjoy and fully appreciate life.

Globally, nearly one quarter of adults are affected by joint discomfort, which is often serious enough to limit their everyday activities and reduce their quality of life. Joint-related concerns become increasingly common with age and are the major cause of reduced mobility.

The ever-increasing pace of modern life, together with the emergence of longer, healthier lives in many parts of the world, means that it is more important than ever to look after our joints. Healthy joints mean that our bodies can keep up with our minds in allowing us to live the life we wish to lead and enjoy our favorite activities.

A sedentary lifestyle, sports injuries, ageing as well as stressful (unergonomic) movements such as lifting, twisting, rotating, bending & reaching, in time, wear out our joints. Even if you do not feel anything today, your joints are already being stressed. Start today. Take care of your joints - they help you live your life to the fullest.




UNIQUE Patented Cultivation Process for Superior Results

Special cultivation techniques and a patented drying process are used to make FERN i-flex® from the fruit of the 'Rosa canina' plant. This unique process protects the delicate joint-soothing components provided by nature to maximize the benefits of FERN i-flex®.

In-vitro studies have shown that the unique i-flex® complex inhibited chemotaxis and subsequent migration of peripheral blood neutrophils and monocytes into human tissue. This may sound complicated, but it sheds light on the joint-soothing and joint-comfort- providing properties of the active ingredient, enabling scientists to propose a possible mode of action for FERN i-flex®.

The specially cultivated rosehips in FERN i-flex® grow under natural conditions. No fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical treatments are used - just sunshine and rain. Unlike conventional processing, our patented process ensures that the delicate ingredient complex is not destroyed and helps explain why FERN i-flex® is able to demonstrate such remarkable joint-health-supporting properties in a host of scientific studies.

Naturally Occurring Antioxidants

In addition to these effects, you can expect further benefits from the antioxidative ingredient cocktail that nature provides in FERN i-flex®. Most significantly, the naturally occurring vitamin C, vitamin E and bioflavonoids are known to help reduce oxidative stress and support the maintenance of tissue integrity and health.

The net result is one ingredient with many key naturally occurring compounds, shown in scientific studies to have a beneficial impact on certain key biochemical markers related to joint health. It underlines the various benefits that FERN i-flex® can provide in promoting healthy joints and an active lifestyle.

The published results from several international clinical trials show that it is effective in supporting joint health and suitable for daily use. Participants reported joint-health benefits, including the soothing of achy joints and greater comfort throughout the day. Participants in these studies also reported improved well-being, higher energy levels and a better quality of life.


Will it work for me?

FERN i-flex® is for anyone who wants healthy, flexible and mobile joints for a better quality of life.

The unique natural ingredient complex found in FERN i-flex® has been clinically proven to soothe and improve joint comfort:

    FERN i-flex® contains specialized Rosehip powder which is 100% natural, completely drug-free with NO preservatives.
    Scientific studies have shown that FERN i-flex® is effective in soothing joint pains and in improving joint mobility and flexibility. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling at the joints.
    The anti-oxidant properties of FERN i-flex® contribute to overall health and quality of life.
    FERN i-flex® repairs cartilage / aids in cartilage regeneration.
    Unlike Glucosamine, FERN i-flex® is free from shellfish or shellfish-derived products.
FERN i-flex® is safe. Clinical studies have shown no side-effects. Even doses 10 times the recommended daily dose have been well tolerated.

Frequently Asked Questions

   1. What is FERN i-flex® / Where does FERN i-flex® come from?

      FERN i-flex® is a joint health supplement containing a 100% natural, specialized and unique patented form of rosehip powder derived from carefully selected sources. FERN i-flex® is a capsule that contains this specialized rosehip powder.

2. What is a rosehip / what is Rosa Canina?

      A rosehip is a "fruit" or "bud" of the rose bush that is left after the actual rose flower has flowered. Rosa Canina is the latin plant name given to this particular form of rosehip.

      The rosehip is harvested and frozen to preserve the nutritional value of the fruit. The "peach fuzz" or "tiny hairs" are removed from the surface of the fruit, then it is slowly dried, milled and encapsulated to make FERN i-flex®.

3. Is FERN i-flex® all-natural?

      FERN i-flex® is 100% natural and completely drug-free, with NO added preservatives. It is derived from a plant (wild rosebush).

4. How is FERN i-flex® different from other joint health medication/ supplements?

      There are other solutions available in the market in order to promote joint health and/or relieve joint pain. These are glucosamine / chondroitin, and typical pain relievers.

      As a comparison: Did you know that glucosamine typically comes from the exoskeletons (X-O-skeletons) of ground up shellfish?

      Pain relievers on the other hand are derived from synthetic materials that can have harmful side effects.

      FERN i-flex® contains NO dairy, NO sugar, NO gluten, NO fillers or binders, and is produced without Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)! Natural rain and sunshine is all that is needed to grow the Rosa Canina used for FERN i-flex®!

5. Is FERN i-flex® safe / Does FERN i-flex® have any side effects?

      FERN i-flex® is safe. Rosehip powder has a long history of safe use as a food supplements in Europe and the United States…hundreds of years of safe use!

      This gentle and natural dietary supplement has shown no side effects different from placebo in all clinical studies. Even doses of up to 45g per day, which is about ten times the recommended daily dose, have been well tolerated!

6. What is the difference between FERN i-flex®and regular rosehip powder supplements?

      Since many of the components of rosehip powder are heat and light sensitive, great care is taken to process the rosehip powder in FERN i-flex® under carefully controlled conditions. The rosehips are first frozen upon harvest. Then a patented, low-temperature drying process is used to ensure the rosehips are never unnecessarily heated to extreme temperatures. This careful, patented drying process preserves the active components of the gentle rosehip. It's also what makes FERN i-flex® unique from other rosehip products, which are typically left in the hot sun to "dry out" the rosehip, causing it to lose its active nutrient value.

7. Can I take FERN i-flex® while taking other medications?

      FERN i-flex® generally has no contraindication with any other medication. However, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor if you have concerns with specific medications.

8. How long should I continue taking FERN i-flex®?

      FERN i-flex® has been shown to provide significant joint health benefits in as little as three weeks, but we recommend to continue taking FERN i-flex® to prevent these benefits from disappearing.

      FERN i-flex® is NOT a drug. It is a natural product made from rosehips, and is safe enough to become part of your daily supplement regimen to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

9. How often do I take FERN i-flex®?
      How many capsules do I have to take?
      How many times per day do I take it?

      For preventive maintenance, take 2 capsules twice per day after meals.

      For joint inflammation/pain, take 4-6 capsules twice per day after meals.

10. What are the active ingredients of FERN I flex?
          * vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
          * vitamin E (tocopherols)
          * vitamin B3 (niacin)
          * vitamin K (a group of 2-methilo-naphtahoqinone derivatives)
          * vitamin P (bioflavonoids)
          * vitamin A (carotenoid)
          * vitamin D (ergosterol)
      Sterine (phytosterols)

      Minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other traces.

      Galactolipid",(2S)-1,2-di-O-[(9Z,12Z,15Z)-octadeca-9,12,15-trienoyl]-3-O-beta-d-galactopyranosyl glycerol (1)

11. What is/are the contents of FERN i-flex per capsule?

      Each FERN i-flex capsule contains 437.5mg of 100% rosehip powder.

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